My name is Joe Randall. I hope to bring you interesting tales from around South America. I hope these posts are not a daily update of what I’m doing but are about interesting people, landmarks, journeys, cultures and adventures I experience. Whether you’re here because you know me and are keeping checks, you’re planning a trip somewhere yourself, or whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy the site.

Over the past few years I have ‘ticked the right boxes’. Graduating in 2006 with a business degree from the University of Manchester, I soon settled in to working life. I have begun the ‘climbing of the ladder’ with a large multinational, however I have also sacrificed my free time and my passions outside of work. It was time for a change.

Still young, free of responsibilities and with a thirst for travel, I decided to take a break from the rat race. I’m not ready for a mortgage, I don’t need stability and I find the prospect of settling down a little scary. I crave adventure, excitement and spontaneity. The world is an incredible place full of incredible people and I hope to come across many of them. I will attempt to document these encounters with the aim of sharing them, whether there is 1, or 1000, of you.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime.

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