For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by travel and adventure. Over the last few years I’ve read a lot about travelling by bicycle and have been wanting to plan a trip of my own. It was nearly a year ago when I first decided I would move to Germany and there sparked the idea of cycling there when I finished my job in London. The plan changed slightly when I realised it would only take two weeks to ride from London to Duesseldorf where my girlfriend, Hanna, currently lives. Two weeks clearly wouldn’t be long enough for an adventure!

After looking at countries within reasonable striking distance from Germany, I settled on heading north up into Scandinavia. I put together a rough plan of London to Dover and across to Calais, along the North Sea Coast through France, Belgium and briefly into the Netherlands before crossing into Germany and to Duesseldorf. From there it’s less planned but we’ll head up through Germany before doing a combination of ferries, long bridges and lots of pedalling. Below is a general idea for now…

Joining me on this trip is my good friend Al. After having previously experienced the occasional solo bike ride and lone wild camp I’m definitely glad for the company. Hopefully it’s going to help that that we’re both equally inexperienced, similarly not too fit and also pretty relaxed about mileage, route plans and pretty much the entire trip really.

I’m not totally sure how this blog will work out. Hopefully I’ll have time to keep things reasonably up to date. I wrote about my last trip in South America on here and have found it’s good to look through from time to time and reminisce. It would be great if I can look back on this one in the same way and even better if other people find it interesting or useful too.

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