The Lost City/La Ciudad Perdida

A jungle trek taking 4, 5 or 6 days. Every day on this trek brings new surprises, amazing scenery and different wildlife. You make your way through the coastal jungle and after climbing a couple of thousand steps, you arrive at The Lost City. This is Colombia’s version of Machu Picchu, only without the 10,000 other tourists. My experience here was 100% positive, you can read about it on the link below. Also in this album are photos from Santa Marta, Palomino and the surrounding area. As well as being the gateway to The Lost City is is also blessed with some of the best beaches in the world, let alone Colombia.

The Lost City

Cartagena, Medellin & Guatape

Cartagena is an old colonial city located on the northern Colombian coast. The old town is surrounded by a great wall. Aside from the sunny climate, it’s a great place to spend a few days. Medellin has been renowned as the city where Pablo Escobar lived but it’s become a lot more than that in the last few years. With a great transport system, shadowed by beautiful mountains and a night life to match any city in Colombia, it’s definitely worth a visit. Just a couple of hours from Medellin is Guatape, a beautiful town with mountains and lagunas all around. The big rock there is infamous throughout Colombia and with over 750 steps it is worth the climb to enjoy the impressive view. You can read about my travels in these places from the link below.

Cartagena, Medellin & Guatape

Parque Nacional El Cocuy

Parque Nacional El Cocuy is directly east of Medellin but a whole lot easier to get to from Bogota. It has been described by some as the Patagonia of Colombia, with many peaks over 5000m, crystal clear lakes and very few people to share it with. I can’t recommend this place enough if you like the mountains, click the link below to read about my time spent there.

El Cocuy National Park

Bogota, San Agustin & Ipiales

The capital of Colombia is simply huge, stretching further than the eye can see. It has its more touristy areas such as La Candaleria which is the old town and Monserrate, where you can look down from the mountains across the city. San Agustin, a small town, is famous for being home to Colombia’s oldest statues which is worth a visit alone, not to mention the beautiful mountainous surroundings. Ipiales, another small town is the place where many cross the border to/from Ecuador. Just down the road is one of the country’s most impressive churches, built into the side of a gorge. Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself crossing the border here. Click below for more info on any of the places mentioned.

Bogota, San Agustin & Ipiales

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